Statements of the Investigators

Statement by Fred Houpt

I must have heard about the Philadelphia Experiment (PX) maybe twenty years ago. I eventually was given a cassette recording of Al Bielek giving a lecture. I was transfixed with goose bumps and shivers running over me. What a great story, I thought and as my mind raced at what it could mean if it was true I imagined many spooky scenarios, each one painting the U.S. military in more ominous colours. Eventually I found the Moore/Berlitz book and was even more impressed with the strangeness of the story and how many chapters it seemed to veer off into. Weird science it seemed and again I was deeply moved by what the implications were if it was true. There were questions that this book raised that it did not answer and others that it inadvertently posed or raised that were left dangling, teasing the reader but offering no obvious path to follow. Well, actually there was a path but it was not easy to find but once found led to many other answers.

When I finally sat down to watch the film version of the PX I was entertained but not satisfied that this was the real telling of the experiment. It seemed way too out there for me. Returning to listen to Bielek many times over the years I was always amazed at how powerful his hypnotic voice sounded when he spoke. He sounded so clear, honest, and sincere and sure of what he was saying and not only that he sounded very strong in his scientific explanations of this or that detail. I wanted so much to believe and he gave me hope that he was telling me the story as it really happened. Mind you, I always started to wither when it got to the part of his story where he was physically age regressed, having his soul or consciousness taken out of one body and put in another. For me that was playing a role I had decided was God's and as much as I enjoyed listening to Bielek I knew at that point that there were some things in his rambling story that just seemed too far-fetched. The need to incorporate aliens with super-advanced technology was the only way he managed to explain how we take the soul out of one person and slam-dunk it into another body. At that point he was forcing me to be willing to accept a Cabbalistic explanation and since to do so would have made the story of the PX just over the cliff in weirdness I decided that he must have been making this up. The idea of aliens having the power of God was just too much for me.

I became quite interested in this research because as I say I so much wanted to believe Bielek and if I could find some substantial evidence to support him, I would be delighted to share it. However, in trying so hard all these years to find support, my colleagues and I (and some who wish to stay anonymous) found over and over again that we were able to poke holes in Bielek's story line and worse, we found that parts were entirely made up on the fly. These made me want to dig harder and find out how far he had gone in making this up. What helped set most of this in context was reading Marshall Barnes' book "The Rinehart Files" which really was a much-needed sequel to the Moore/Berlitz book. I encourage Marshall to make it available for re-publishing so others can read it.

In the end what I believe we have found is that the PX was so much more than the movie version, so much more than even Moore/Berlitz related. The technologies are hinted at in the literature of the physics world, if you know how to read the jargon. While most of this initial offering will be outlining the "Bielek" version of the PX and just how much it is false and misleading, we hope to eventually publish, if not here, than somewhere else publicly available, the rest of the PX story; as Marshall has alluded there is more to the Dr. Rinehart character to be outlined, there are other nations who either knew of or else became aware of a PX type of technology and yes, we have the documentation and leads that we will eventually present. When it's all over, I know a few things that will happen. Eventually someone will have to encourage the U.S. Navy to fess up about the cover-up they have crafted, encourage them to allow us to see censored documents from World War two archives that they black out when we request material through the Freedom of Information Act. If it did not happen then after more than 60 years from the 1943 test, it is high time for the military archives to see the light of day. If it did happen, then our work will make them just a wee bit uncomfortable, now won't it?

I hope our work will put an end to people like Bielek cashing in on a naïve and uneducated public that wants to believe. There is a story of the PX to be told and it is not the one Bielek has been selling all these years. That has to stop and I hope that we can provide an antidote to this nonsense. While there is always going to be a huckster to fill the needs of the incredulous, the only true corrective measure needed to a "belief system" is verification. That is all that we have done here from the start: try to verify or disprove Bielek's many assertions. The answers to our work are laid out for everyone to read. I hope that you will keep your mind open enough to be receptive to the final chapters on just what the PX was. Keep asking questions. Start with the best one of all: "What do I believe?"

Statement by Gerold Schelm

What is stated on this web site is the result of a investigation, which lasted for about 5 years and in the final stage was conducted as a multi-national project. It is my personal opinion, that Al Bielek, who was known in the UFO scene already decades ago, made up his story from different sources, that everybody has access to: his description of the Philadelphia Experiment, in which he allegedly participated himself, was lend from the first Philadelphia Experiment movie. The Montauk part was lend from all the stories and rumors about mind control experiment within the USA and most likely was influenced by his research at the Pacific Institute in Portland 1979/1980, where he was in contact with William van Bise, who beside his work on ELF phenomena mentioned already in the late 70ties the possible side-effects of microwaves on human brains, and who's theories can be assessed as the forerunner of later Mind Control theories. The part of Al Bielek' story, where he went to Mars colonies is lend from the movie "Alternative III" by Anglia Televison. And all of these story parts were glued together with names and dates of real persons like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, John von Neumann and many others, supported by Bielek using real places and historical information like the Institute for Advance Study and the USS Eldridge taken from various other sources, all of them freely accessible.

But what embarrassed me most was not the fact, that Al Bielek found a way to ride the Mystery wave and make some nice bucks with his CDs and ‚Underground videos'. What really makes me upset is, that his bedtime stories have filled up the internet and occupied the thinking of many people, who otherwise would have used their brains better and would have asked more critical questions to those, who still try to cover the Philadelphia Experiment and deny it's existence until today.
It really is a pain in the ass for somebody who is looking for a tiny peace of background information in the internet, to dig through the thousands of Bielek-infected web pages. If Bielek was placed as major part of a dis-information campaign driven by US authorities, I have to admit, that this goal was achieved almost completely. Bielek and the Philadelphia Experiment have become one in the minds of most of the interested people. After you have seen what an intense and thorough investigation into Al Bielek`s claims has left of his story, you might ask yourself "Well, if Al Bielek made up all this, then the Philadelphia Experiment never happened, right?"

Wrong, because there is enough left beside Al Bielek and what ever he did to the whole field of the Philadelphia Experiment. What can be found (and was found and verified already) are manipulated records of the US Navy, the statements of an scientist, who was partially involved in the planning stage of the Philadelphia Experiment, the complete technical and military history of the degaussing technology, which led to the Philadelphia Experiment and
at least one excellent documented scientific review of the technological background of the Philadelphia Experiment, which makes the Philadelphia Experiment a true and sound part of the scientific race between the Allied and the German scientists during WW II. So true and sound as the application of radar and the Manhattan Project were.

This has been supported by the findings of a few bright investigators like William Moore, Marshall Barnes
and Andrew Hochheimer.

* * *