Statement of Al Bielek's Producer, Mr. Michael Houtzager

by Gerold Schelm and Fred Houpt - continued

All that we could see from Bielek's vita was, that he tried to become 'somebody known' in the arena of UFO researchers in the 60ties and seventies. Bielek was befriended with popular names like Ivan T. Sanderson. Sanderson got fame, Bielek remained unknown. This is supported by an anonymous fellow, who frankly stated this:

Posted by Former Chicagoan info on Al Bielek on March 02, 1901 at 10:35:04:

If the Montauk Al Bielek is the fellow who I think he is, I recall working with him in Chicago in the 1970's at a company called the Vapor Corporation where he contracted as an Engineer. He was pretty caught up in Government Cover-up research at that time and had one story after another about Plots, UFO's, SETI and you name it. I think he was modeling himself after Sherman Skolnik, another Chicago "once upon a time" researcher. This particular Al seemed wrapped up in worries that Rockerfeller was going to be appointed President after Nixon ousted himself. Nice enough guy and interesting to listen to, but I'm afraid he didn't look to me like he was zapped into this space-time continuum, nor someone who had walked the surface of mars. I think Al just got a little too close to his own stories.

I am under the impression, that Bielek focused on his story as alleged survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project to finally become that 'somebody' who he always longed for. Bielek probably is just looking for publicity and fame, but that has become a 'spleen', or even worse a 'fixed idea' in his mind. After this, there is no way back for him.

We know for a fact that Bielek's contact and friendship with Ivan T. Sanderson would have exposed to him to the earliest known stories of the PX. His so-called "memories" that came rushing back to him is just so much melodrama. That Cameron and Nichols have hitched a ride on the Bielek/PX side show is now probably more of an embarrassment to them and might explain why they were so dodgy with the recent interviews. By now they know of our work and are quite certain that their days of trotting out the circus/freak show of PX/Montauk tales is shrinking into a small hole. As it should. The truth of an incident is so often sublimated to the surface noise where all the shouting and hysteria gets the front page. The harder work, pioneered by Barnes, is to go to libraries, military journals, Freedom of Information requests: do the hard work of checking into what can be learned about the science behind the PX. Do the work and you'll see how silly Bielek really is; but, a clever and skilful story teller, that I'll hand him.

I finally started to question Al's information when he told me privately that the Holocaust never happened. This was the first time I strongly argued against him. I could buy a lot of things he said to me in the interviews, but the Holocaust not happening - no.

Now this is something which reveals a new, unknown facet of Bielek's world view. Alarming as it is, this information is totally in line with what I found out about Bielek and some European connections. Bielek has been befriended by one Jan van Helsing (real name Jan Udo Holey) of German origin, who is a book writer of dubious reputation. The first two books of van Helsing have been banned by German court order because of anti Semitic and radically right-wing content. Another German guy, Oliver Gerschitz, a close friend to van Helsing, managed to bring Bielek to a conference in Bavaria on 8 November 2003. Bielek appeared as a guest speaker. I go into more details in a separate chapter soon.

Holocaust denial comes in many flavors and Bielek's on the lunatic UFO fringe is not too surprising. Although we did not hear this claim until recently, it only underscores the troubled mind of this guy.

Where the relationship broke down

Al was forced to move out of his house in Atlanta a couple of months after we were done with the project. I was paying him royalties for the CD sales when I met him every other week. When he moved to Florida, we handled all of our correspondence through the phone and mail.
Al moved to Florida with the help of a woman named Dee. Dee found an apartment for Al and the two spent a great deal of time together. Another person - Michael Relfe helped fund Al's move.

Not more than a month into Al's move, I noticed his demeanor toward me radically changed. He became convinced that I was not paying him his fair share of the CD sales. Then Michael Relfe, owner of the domain switched the domain to a website that he built. This new website asked people to send the money for the CD directly to Al Bielek in Florida.
I made several phone calls to Al asking him why he did this. I tried to explain that I never cut him out of any money and in fact gave him more money than our agreement. Nothing I said changed his mind. Al would always ask for a few more days to think about his actions. When I called him a few days later, he would ask for a few more.

Looks like Al then tried to draw as much money as possible out of this venture before it's gone. I think, Al Bielek realized that he would not get along with his bedtime stories any longer and prepared for the end.

Heh, his claims are fair game just like anybody else's. He's upset that we pulled the curtain down on his old vaudeville show and that's just too bad. Someone eventually would have.

I tried to contact Michael Relfe directly and ask him why he repointed the domain name. Michael would never speak to me directly. He only responded via email. Again, Michael asked me to give Al a little time to "think about it".

Finally, I had Michael Relfe's website taken down because of copyright infringement. That's when all hell broke loose. Michael sent me vicious emails telling me he was going to report me to the FBI for restraint of trade and on and on. Hardly the demeanor he displays on his own sites (love and compassion).

Looks like Bielek found in Relfe somebody, who tries to milk the cow as long as possible. This includes attacks on Bielek's former promoter, Michael Houtzager.

I applied for the domain name and posted all of the content there.

Since then, Al and I have only briefly spoken to each other. It's unfortunate.

Hidden files on the CD

If you read the content on some websites, they will say I put "hidden files" on the CD.

This all came about when a friend of Larry James told Larry that there were files on the CD that send all of your personal information to the NSA. Honestly, I am not smart enough to figure out how to put a program like that together - and no - there are no hidden files on the CD.
When these accusations came out, I spoke to Larry. I asked him to show me the hidden files and how they worked. I even told him that if he could prove to me there were hidden files sending user information out, I would pull the CD from the market.

Never heard from Larry again.

As expected, not only Bielek turned his back on Houtzager, Bielek's companions too. This was just a attempt to take the CD's sold by Houtzager from the market, so that Bielek and Relfe then could sell even more and make more money without sharing royalties with Houtzager anymore.

I just love it: "Educate Yourself". Has anyone looked at the self mocking nature of Adachi? He's just a force of nature, don't you know!

I also emailed Ken Adachi (Owner of and asked him to remove his comments about these hidden files. I also explained what happened between Al and myself and asked if he could present my side of the story on his site.

Ken said he would talk to Al - and then I never heard from Ken again. You can see that his comments are still there. I don't understand these people who profess to be seekers of the truth. I think they are more interested in upholding their paradigm instead of learning about the truth.

This ignorant reaction of Ken Adachi is no surprise to me. I already have personal experiences with him. Despite his web site is titled '', there is not so much education as parroting of hearsay. I tried to open up a fruitful discussion with Ken Adachi in August 2002, when we already had completed a huge part of our investigation. Convinced by what we found so far, I wrote Ken Adachi, (who still has a chapter promoting Al Bielek on his web site even after he has been notified twice about the material presented at but he came back to me claiming that I was launching a 'gas attack':

Not only that Adachi is ignoring everything that probably has potential to disprove Bielek's claims, he even didn't understand what we posted on our web site: The 2003 Al Bielek Debunking Campaign
July 22, 2003. A new campaign to debunk Al Bielek got kicked off on the internet somewhere in late Spring of this year. I've been sent e-mails by two relatively unknown individuals who are anxious to have me review their debunking allegations against Al. I haven't responded to them yet, but a third individual said to be associated with this current debunking effort is better known; his name is Marshall Barnes. Barnes has previously spoken supportively of the Philadelphia Experiment (and Al Bielek) on the radio, so one has to wonder what's going on there. This is not the first time a campaign has been launched to discredit the Philadelphia Experiment story..."

Nobody here ever denied that the Philadelphia Experiment happened, only Al Bielek and his companions never participated in it.

My attempts to mend the relationship

In the summer of 2003 Al suffered from a stroke. I did call his hospital and told him I wished him a speedy recovery. He seemed to appreciate my phone call and I thought we were on the road to rebuilding our relationship.

During this time, the website was launched. I read through ever page of the site. I found the material that the authors presented in their site quite convincing. Their basic premise is Al is making up the story.<

And everybody reading our material with both eyes wide open will realize that for sure.

Since I was on the road to rebuilding my relationship with Al, I thought I would ask him to do some more interviews with me. I wanted to give him an opportunity to defend himself. I believed if I gave him a forum to respond to the accusations on, he would emerge stronger and more believable.

Then I never heard from Al Bielek again.

This is what we expected. We officially challenged him, and he has nothing in his hands to defend or support his claims. That is why he avoids to comment what we posted here.

Since proving/disproving Al Bielek and all of the related stories is not my full time profession, I haven't pursued it any further. Given the fact that he has chosen not to answer any of his critics is not good. Again, its up to you to come to your own conclusions.

It is neither our full time profession to execute such a complex investigation as it was necessary to disprove Al Bielek's story, but we decided to put this lying to an end. Once and forever.

Did the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project really happen?

My own personal conclusion is that both experiments really happened. There was a Philadelphia Experiment and there was a Montauk Project. Al's degree of involvement is questionable. Perhaps he was involved to some degree, but mixed his own personal experiences with his own personal agenda. I don't think we'll ever know the truth.

My advise

My advise to all who reads these words is this - think with your own mind. It really isn't important if Al Bielek or Larry James or any of the other people interviewed on the CD's are telling the complete truth or not. Give them a chance to tell their story and then determine for yourself what your truth is. Once you have determined it for yourself - then live it.

Al has served an important role in uncovering and presenting information on several projects that I think really happened. For that reason alone, it is worth listening to what he has to say. But don't let Al have the final say on what you believe. Visit the website and draw your own conclusions. Also, follow these stories through other sources. I think eventually what really happened with these two projects will surface.

Thanks for those promoting words.

For me personally, this has been a fun ride. I have spoken to many very interesting people as a result of compiling this CD. I have been featured on television programs and radio interviews. I'm glad I took on the project.

I also learned what can happen when one gets too into this "conspiracy" thing. Suddenly, everything becomes a conspiracy. I saw Al and his friends suddenly turn on me for no reason. I became the bad guy and was part of the conspiracy. So be careful with your thoughts.

As soon as you feel that everything is a "conspiracy" then you're into your own X-files type of headspace and you can't think straight any more. Never mind that it was spooky and things were hidden. That's the way things are in war times and even after wars. Military people have a vested interest in hiding their research. If they felt that we should know, then Matt Drudge would have it spread around the net in a minute. As it is, eventual military research makes itself known in new hardware. The stealth aircraft now in the U.S. Military were for years denied being in existence even though watchful eyes saw them in the skies near Area 51. Still, in due course they made their appearance. Would such a technology as "cloaking" or quantum tunneling make itself know? It is hard to imagine that any new genie could be kept inside a bottle forever. At some point we'll all know, one way or the other. Until then, we ask questions and keep digging.

If you have any comments about my statements that you would like to share with me please feel free to email me at

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