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Subject:   Re: Phil Schneider
Name:   Golf Sierra
Date Posted:   Nov 15, 05 - 11:38 AM
IP Address:
Message:   I don't believe that somebody can manage to strangle himself like it happened to Phil Schneider.

Beside that, Phil Schneider as a person was real. I don't know if this was his real name, but he introduced himself as Phil Schneider on several lectures.

About his claims, I did not re-check his vita or the stories about his father who allegedly once had been a German U-Boat commander. But what I know from Bielek / Nichols is enough and because Schneider was always presented in the wake of Bielek and therefore a part of he overall media presentation of that group, I personally doubt that his claims are based on real events. I think, he was lying, too.

BTW: Nice nickname that you choose. Talking 'bout yourself ?


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