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Subject:   Re: Re: Re: Possible projection of optical mirage-no 'teleporting' involved
Name:   Marshall Barnes
Date Posted:   Jun 30, 04 - 2:53 PM
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Message:   Dear John:

I'll be sure to let you know as soon as my new book is ready (waiting on ISBN numbers, etc). It will take you through the history, science, people, bases, military factors, etc. Something like 80% to 90% of it is nothing but documentation with the rest just being the narrative that moves you through the story. When you're done, you'll have all your questions answered as far as what seems to have really happened and why.

By the way, if St. Elmo's Fire could make a optical mirage, then we could use that for a model of how to do the same artificially. The only problem with that, as Jacques Vallee discovered, is that that makes liars out of the ONR and their public denial letter which insists that experiments in invisibility are only possible in the realm of science fiction.

I like your story about the Turkish/Russian scientist. There has been some very cutting edge research that has been done in Russia and the Soviets were always convinced that the Philadelphia Experiment was real. In my book I go into detail as to why and how that has been connected to our government's denials that it ever took place. Pravda recently published a story that I'm not sure that I even believe, though. It's about an institute for the research of the parallel world. really strange stuff except that it sounds very much like the way that I know the Russians would set-up their nonconventional research efforts.

Anyway, thanks for the interest and the vote of support.

Marshall Barnes


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