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Subject:   Re: Re: When you've got it all wrong, it always looks like everyone else is wrong also.
Name:   Marshall Barnes
Date Posted:   Jun 25, 04 - 9:14 AM
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Message:   Just another "howdy" from the lunatic fringe, I'm sure. You can always tell their posts because they contain one or more of several key elements - ambiguous references having to do with one's perspective on some issue, statements or accusations of one's true motives without substantiation or supported by statements or evidence clearly taken out of context, emphasis on the inability of one to really know what the truth is and thus supportive of unsubstantiated claims and unbridled speculation, unsubstantiated accusations of one thinking they know the whole truth but of course they couldn't possibly, lines of logic based on strings of "what ifs", "maybes", "couldn'ts", "let's suppose", "why couldn'ts", etc., blatant attempts at crude psychoanalysis which comes off sounding more like the patient's rants than a real diagnosis from a doctor.

Hence we have "When you've got it all wrong, it always looks like everyone else is wrong" which is an unsubstantiated statement aimed at an unidentified individual(s), stating a blanket comment about someone having "it all wrong" without identifying what "it all" is and without substantiating that "it all" is infact "wrong" and then diagnosing that this unidentified individual(s)'s perspective is thusly one of "everyone else" being "wrong".

What this person is insinuating is that we or someone associated with this site, have it all wrong but they know what the truth really is (how else would they know that anyone else was "wrong"?) and that as a result we think everyone else is wrong. Of course, if that is the correct interpretation, there's no proof that this site is "wrong", on the contrary it's filled with iron clad evidence of it being right. And of course there's never been any accusation of "everyone else" being "wrong", only Al Bielek, and what few supporters he has left, who have hurled exactly these kinds of statements, and worse, without anything to back them up.

The really funny thing is that the posted comment could easily be applied to Bielek himself, and in that case, be true. He does have it all wrong, and so he thinks that we and Bill Hamilton, and Stanton Friedman, and all the rest of his detractors, are wrong.

Then again, maybe that's what that person was trying to say in the first place!

I'm off on vacation. Have a good summer eveyone!


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