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Subject:   Re: Contact with Mr. Barnes
Name:   Marshall Barnes
Date Posted:   Jun 22, 04 - 5:59 PM
IP Address:
Message:   Dear Gabor:

The PX story was never a madman's imagination. The only question is how much of it to believe. We can clearly discount the entire Bielek/Cameron scenario, which leaves us with the testimony of Dr. Rinehart which completely stands up to scrutiny. My new book on the PX is in the design manufacturing phase, in it I reveal, with extensive documentation, who the man is that I believe was Dr. Rinehart, and why. When you see the evidence that I have compiled, much of it new as of the last month, you will agree that the man that I name (and show photos of) was most probably indeed Dr. Rinehart as well as the Dr. Franklin Reno that Allende named.

As far as the physics is concerned, I have spent much time over the last several years working with serious physics ideas and so I have learned to be very specific in the use of words to describe things. I would not say that a wormhole was involved, if the teleportation part of the story is, but macroscopic quantum tunneling. Also, the man that I think was Dr. Rinehart was a very brilliant physicist whose work in the quantum area I have come to admire.

Thanks for the encouragement and the interest. Forgive any typos, I'm in a hurry.


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