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Subject:   Re: Re: Possible projection of optical mirage-no 'teleporting' involved
Name:   John Surgeon
Date Posted:   Jun 21, 04 - 12:39 PM
IP Address:
Email:   SequimSurgeonz@yahoo.com
Message:   To Marshall Barnes and Bielek debunkers;

Thanks for your information. I came across this site as a side trail, I think, from Bill Beatty's Amateur Science information on Wierd Science. I got on his site looking for information on making kid's science projects for magnetic levitation and hovercraft. Well, one thing leads to another-should have started a blog to see how I ended up here. It's been quite a trip. Never got the kids interested in my science project ideas, but my 80 something neighbor is quite a handyman, and might go for the homebrew hovercraft...

So far I can't handle the teleporting aspects of this, but I realize serious physicists and mathematicians say it's possible-they also think time travel is possible. I worked with a lady from the former Yugoslavia whose husband, an ethnic Turk, was a major math and physics whiz, studied in Russia, big on string theory, was killed in the fighting in the Balkans[supposed to be accidental, but sounds pretty sinister to this conspiracy whacko .

Picture this: myself and this lady are working as nursing assistants, wiping up the messes we take care of[they call me the Viper-vant a vipe?]and she's telling me her story in Natasha style broken English, and claims her husband was convinced that time travel could happen. She had a Eastern Bloc degree in physical science also. So I guess serious science types are 'thinking outside the box'. Strange daze indeed.

My uneducated, kind of cynical take on the PX is that degaussing equipment was involved, electical fires could have happened, with a giant electric welder being the result, melting things, 'fusing' bodies into the steel of the ship, even optical mirage effects from heat shimmer, 'St. Elmo's fire' effects from intense thermal and electromagnetic stuff. Add to this the sea story effect of drunken sailors with too much time at sea, and who knows where this could go?

But-since you guys have spent the time and effort to ferret out the truth, I'm going to respect your opinions, and use your research to try to understand more about the history and physical science of this raving blue planet.

Thanks for your hard work.



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