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Subject:   Re: Montauk Project
Name:   Marshall Barnes
Date Posted:   Jun 18, 04 - 8:59 AM
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As a quickie response I'll just say that I agree that the KB Wells book is very good. It is infact the reason why I don't believe the Montauk saga anymore. Wells does an excellent job of finding things that seem to substantiate the reasons why von Neumann would be involved and the whole SAGE radar history and all the key elements. Once you reverse engineer the story, so to speak, and start with these various elements first, it's easy to see how the story could have been created by bringing those elements together around a ficticious premise. Even more of this type of research is done by Moon/(Barbarick)to flesh out the book series (and has become obvious as the series has progressed with Barbarick's sloppy handling of facts and attempt to try to throw everything into the saga). Because the whole purpose of the Montauk Project was to explore the aftermath of the PX, a version of it which we now know is a fraud, it is easier to see how Montauk consists of a hollow center surrounded by claims based on documentable facts. Like a chocolate Easter bunny, it looks solid but when you take a bite of it, you find that it is infact hollow.

What Wells did by fleshing out the surrounding elements was inadvertently reveal how little there really is to the story's core, especially in the wake of what we here have discovered about the Bielek/Cameron version of the PX. I have discovered even more evidence that reveals where and how some of the main ideas came from that formed the core mythos, and Gerald and Fred have others. There are other issues that have been glossed over as well, which raised important questions as to what really did happen at the base and who was involved, but one thing is for sure - there were no time traveling Cameron brothers. In fact, none of Nichols' time travel claims have ever been proven nor have even his music industry claims, for that matter (which I think would be easy to do if true). I began to suspect Nichols as soon as he claimed that Montauk took us off of the original timeline with God(and no, it has nothing to do with whether or not God exists.) That comment, and his explanation of it as it was been published in the book series, proved to me that he's really just a very good engineer, but he's not up with his theoretical physics, at all. There were other things too, that I won't mention except to say that many people have cut these guys a lot of slack for a very long time because they enjoyed hearing what kind of crazy stories they would come up with next. But the reality of it has been that they haven't really been believed by nearly half as many people as they have thought, a fact that surprised even me when the blush fell off the rose when bielek-debunked.com was launched. In the end, Bielek/Nichols/Cameron are the ones who have been truly fooled. The real joke is on them.


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