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Subject:   Re: Possible projection of optical mirage-no 'teleporting' involved
Name:   Marshall Barnes
Date Posted:   Jun 10, 04 - 11:06 AM
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Message:   Dear John:

You raise a very important issue. Although I can't prove that there was teleportation, I am inclined to seriously consider the possibility for these reasons:

1. The aspects of the teleportation story are very exact and with more than just a passing detail. At the time that Allende was describing these things, quantum tunneling, the quantum mechanical action that the teleportation of the Eldridge sounds identical to, was a little known phenomena outside the realm of physics. Tunneling was first proposed by Robert Oppenheimer in 1928, to account for the field ionization of atomic hydrogen. Allende never describes the teleportation as quantum tunneling, he merely describes how it supposedly appeared to look. He later called it by another name, which sounds like he was attempting to label it, and he attributes this to Einstein. He did so in a series of letters that I have copies of. It is clear that he doesn't understand the physical implications of what he is describing, merely parroting, to the best of his inability, to communicate something that it appears someone else has discussed with him. That someone would appear to be Dr. Rinehart, but at one point, if I remember correctly, he implicates Einstein in this. These letters were written after the Moore/Berlitz book was published.

2.These details, that Allende describes, have been confirmed as being the only way that such teleportation could occur, by a number of physicists I've talked to. Allende describes the ship being in one spot and disapperaing and then reappearing somewhere else, but he never describes that as "dematerialization", which is quite impossible. The teleportation aspect of the story does not involve the ship teleporting like Trekies with the transporter room on Star Trek. It clearly describes the field around the ship getting denser and denser until the ship teleports.

So the question remains - if it didn't teleport, where did these exact scientific concepts come from that accurately describe how it could have happened? Allende didn't have the ability to just make them up. Not only are the odds against it but his own writings clearly indicate that he just didn't have the scientific understanding to be able to. Although a projected mirage could easily be used to explain away the anecdotal testimony, the nature of that testimony demands consideration, even if it remains unresolved, purely on the strength of the argument that Allende couldn't have just invented it on his own.

Until further experimentation can be attempted, it will have to remain one of the few PX mysteries left unresolved.


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