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Subject:   Re: Re: Re: John Keel and The P.X.
Name:   Marshall Barnes
Date Posted:   Jun 10, 04 - 10:21 AM
IP Address:
Message:   Gazer:

You're absolutely correct about Moore. He did it though after he wrote the book on Rodwell, which was after the PX book. For a thorough reading of the subject I suggest doing a search at about.com for his name and also "the aviary".

The Keel connection is a little known tidbit that Robert Goerman has kept to himself most of this time. Goerman is pretty warped - obsessed with the idea that he "solved" the PX mystery by proving Allende's questionable background - but Goerman completely ignored (as in made no attempt at all to consider it) the Rinehart interview which has all the important information. Since Allende claims that it was Rinehart (using the name Dr. Franklin Reno) that confirmed many of the details of the experiment, that would make Rinehart the primary witness, not Allende. Goerman's admission that he never made a single attempt to even check one single statement from Moore's lengthy interview with Rinehart proves that he hasn't a clue as to how real research is done. The fact that his article, exposing Allende, that was published in Fate, fell on death ears, has since driven him to distraction and his book about the whole Allende affair features some of the same manic writing style that Allende himself was known for.

In any event, the Keel connection is a mere footnote to the conspiracies, connards and cover-ups associated with this whole story. In the end, Keel never investigated the PX anymore than Goerman did. At least Keel wasn't like Goerman, running around claiming that he had.


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