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Subject:   Possible projection of optical mirage-no 'teleporting' involved
Name:   John Surgeon
Date Posted:   Jun 9, 04 - 1:03 PM
IP Address:
Email:   SequimSurgeonz@yahoo.com
Message:   Assuming that true optical invisibility was achieved, could the appearance at Norfolk be a 'projected mirage' instead of an actual teleportation? I note the book "Invisible Horizons: True Mysteries of the Sea", Gaddis Vincent H.
HARDCOVER: Published by Chilton Books, c1965 (LCCN 65014893)
PAPERBACK: Published by Ace Books, c1965, 256 Pages
referenced on Andrew Hochheimer's website http://www.softwareartist.com/philexp.html.

Hammond Innes, an author of nautical mystery fiction, described a mirage. I believe what he described was encounterd on a calm sea, encountering gigantic 'ghost waves'.

A Google search on 'mirage' has produced nothing on this subject that gives any help. Appreciate any web links that might help.


John Surgeon
Re: Possible projection of optical mirage-no 'teleporting' involved by Marshall Barnes · Jun 10, 04 - 11:06 AM


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