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Subject:   Re: Re: John Keel and The P.X.
Name:   Gazer
Date Posted:   Jun 6, 04 - 7:40 PM
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Message:   Read the Moore/Berlitz book years ago. It's been "borrowed" and never returned.

Didn't Moore admit to being in a psy-op against a scientist who claimed to be picking up and decoding radio signals from aliens? Think his name started with Ber... something.
Drove him quite insane.

Anyway. P.E. isn't really my thing. I just never had heard Keel associated with it before or since (until now) and thought it odd I hadn't.

Carry on.
Re: Re: Re: John Keel and The P.X. by Marshall Barnes · Jun 10, 04 - 10:21 AM


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