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Subject:   Re: Re: Al Bielek Debunker Replies to Michael Relfe
Name:   Dr. Syberlux
Date Posted:   Jun 4, 04 - 3:46 AM
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Email:   syberlux@yahoo.com
Message:   What makes you think that I am supportive and/or side with Mr. Bielek or his PX Story?

I stated a fact that A. E. Moch had an encounter with a person named "Mr. L" in the 1970's. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough that though A.E. Moch's story did happen prior to the Philadelphia Experiment book... making me question Belek's story, and the fact that A. E. Moch was one of the original Remote Viewing paticipants at the time?

If something "Science Fantastic" did occur that we are not fully aware about... that in a strange way perhaps Bielek's story is dis-informational... just as "Mr. L" being a dis-information agent to create an association of Remote Viewing being connected with the PX Experiment.

I know for a fact that A.E. Moch tried to dis-spell heresay that someone put out dis-information on Remote Viewing, that RV was discovered at Roswell New Mexico at one of the UFO's found there that crashed... with after-comments to A.E.Moch that the U.S. Government told him to say that there was no connection of RV to UFO's at Roswell.

So... what part of Bielek's story is false, or based on fact. If this is true dis-information, then perhaps we are dealing with both?

Dr. Syberlux
Re: Re: Re: Al Bielek Debunker Replies to Michael Relfe by Marshall Barnes · Jun 10, 04 - 10:05 AM


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