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Subject:   Re: Al Bielek Debunker Replies to Michael Relfe
Name:   Marshall Barnes
Date Posted:   May 25, 04 - 10:32 AM
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Message:   I don't normally go around reading message boards, but I did check out your link. In the process I ran across the post by "Dr. Syberlux" which ended in the following:

"Going back to "The Philadelphia Experiment"... and the interest of "Mr. L" in A. E. Moch, does 'Remote Viewing' have some connection to Dr. Einstein's 'Unifield Field Theory' toward the study of "Quantum Time Bending and/or Time Travel"... then perhaps Mr. Bielek's account might have validity... but then again is it all dis-informational, or perhaps PsiOps in nature?"

This is the kind of crap that just makes me wanna SCREAM. This is the worse kind of linkage of desparate ideas to try to make nothing into something that I've come across for a while. Since people from this board will probably see the message, I'll just answer it here. The answer to both questions is "no".

There's no validity to Bielek's account based on the former linkage because remote viewing has no connection to Einstein's UFT which dealt with particle physics and remote viewing deals with consciousness physics. Subsequently there's no connection with "quantum time bending" or "time travel" since the PX had nothing to do with any application of consciousness physics nor was Einstein's unfinished UFT used. Anyone who has taken the time to do some reading of the "Unexpected Key" chapter of the Moore book will see the physics that was being used didn't require anything having to do with Einstein's UFT and Dr. Rinehart said as much himself. It is obvious, though, that Einstein's contribution to solving the problem, that Rinehart described that they were having, in their calculations has a direct connection to the subject for which Einstein got his Nobel Prize - the photoelectric effect.

That, having been said, wipes out the remote viewing/UFT/quantum time bending/time travel linkage, leaving once again absolutely nothing giving Bielek any credibility at all. As for it being "disinformational" or "psi-ops", it's less than that. It's a bunch of people spreading a bunch of stories that don't know what they're talking about and don't care.
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