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Subject:   Re: John Keel and The P.X.
Name:   Marshall Barnes
Date Posted:   May 24, 04 - 5:56 PM
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Message:   Dear "Gazer":

I know all about Keel's contention. I know exactly why he says that these other guys "made it all up". I deal with this issue in detail in the second of my new two book series which will be out this summer.

In short, Keel's contention is without merit as it ignores the main focus of whether there was a PE, much the way that Robert Goerman does by focusing on Carlos Allende. I would suggest you read the chapter "The Unexpected Key" in the Moore/Berlitz book and carefully read the account given to Moore by the man that Moore decided to call "Dr. Rinehart" to hide his identity. That account has been thoroughly checked now and I can prove it was accurate. I also know who Rinehart most probably was (I'm more than 90% sure) and have convincing evidence to back it up. That takes both Keel and Goerman's arguments out of the picture, neither of whom, despite any claims they may make to the contrary, have ever truly investigated the Philadelphia Experiment.
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