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Subject:   John Keel and The P.X.
Name:   Gazer
Date Posted:   May 16, 04 - 2:29 PM
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Message:   I don't have a dog in this fight.
I read an article in Fate Magazine in 98 or 99 when John Keel of Mothman fame was a regular columnist.
In this column, J.K. stated that he was a friend with a small group of Fortean types (to include Ivan Sanderson) that would get together in a restaurant in N.Y. city I think. In the early 60's.
He claimed in this article that this group made up the Philadelphia Experiment. He never stated why they did this.
I read the article over and over to make sure I was getting it right.

I've never seen this article mentioned anywhere when this subject (T.P.X.) came up.
I no longer have the article, but someone who is interested should be able to verify it easily enough.
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