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Subject:   Montauk Project
Name:   GDA
Date Posted:   Apr 13, 04 - 2:00 PM
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Email:   geodava@aol.com
Instant Messenger:   geodava
Message:   Hi All,

Newbie here, just want to ask a question to those who study these subjects (PX, Montauk, etc.) in detail. I realize that Bielek is a fraud - and it did not surprise me, but it is nice to get confirmation. I also never saw any strong connection between PX and Montauk anyway.
Also nobody needed to convince me that Swerdlow is a crook -I read about fifty pages into his "Montauk the alien connection" and realized that he is not only a fraud, but one who doesn't even have much creativity ... I thank God I didn't pay full price for that drivel.

OK... so here is my question to you all: Do you all think that the Montauk/Phoenix project(s) were just hoaxes? It is hard to lend any credence to Preston Nichols since he has such strong ties to Bielek, and "Peter Moon" or whoever the hell he is does not have much credibility either (ever notice how his writings almost always include the phrase "despite the evidence ... blah blah blah.") But just looking at at all, I still think KB Wells' book on Montauk is pretty convincing and I personally think that there is evidence of something that went on there. If there is a good link for Montauk-debunked I would like to see it, but in general to see the evidence for myself - what do you guys think about it?

Would be interested in hearing.


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