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Subject:   Re: Question about Barnes' experiment
Name:   Ed Scanlan
Date Posted:   Mar 2, 04 - 7:52 AM
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Email:   emscan81@aol.com
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Message:   Hey,

My understanding is that whatever the diffraction film surrounds becomes apparently translucent. The table wouldn't become translucent because it is not surrounded by the film. As for the photo with the translucent ship...that must've taken a lot of diffraction film! Or somehow he found a short cut.

At any rate, it would be really cool if Barnes, or somebody guided by Barnes, could reproduce the translucent effect using a circulating field of electrons as is reported in the account by Allende. Health effects would have be taken into account, and perhaps, the use of a remote camera and a good distance between experimenter and experiment would be in order.

You can circulate electrons easily using a magnetic field and an electric field at right angles to each other. A strong static magnetic field with pulsations of direct current in another coil, opposite in polarity to the static field, can achieve this electron plasma effect. Whether or not that can achieve INVISIBILITY is subject to experiment, of course. Any takers?

Re: Question about Barnes' experiment by Marshall Barnes · Mar 3, 04 - 5:25 PM


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