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Subject:   Re: PX technical information?
Name:   Golf Sierra
Date Posted:   Feb 29, 04 - 12:40 PM
IP Address:
Email:   bielek-debunked@boxfrog.com
Message:   This is the response of Marshall Barnes which I received as email. GS

Dear Mr. Scanlan:

There is a demonstration that proves refracted light may cause invisibility mirages at http://www.viewzone.com/philadelphia.html that I conducted in 1994. This demonstration was related directly to the interview that Dr. Rinehart gave William Moore. I am familiar with the Corum research. I can only speculate as to the exact nature of the technical configurations used for the Philadelphia Experiment. I do, however, disagree that anything like produ cing closed time-like loops would have been needed to achieve either radar or optical invisibility as my demonstration reveals that merely creating the proper conditions in the air with the em field would have produced the proper refraction index to achieve the goals stated by Rinehart. I suggest a close examination of the cover of "Physics Vol. 2", as reproduced in the cited web site, as it features the same kind of greenish glow, due to the inonization of the air near the s urface of the water, as Rinehart described would be part of the em field's effect. Rotate that field, the energy produced by it feeding back into it - due to the high salt content in the water producing high conductivity, and the field becomes dense and produces the lens effect you cited but without the need for any "4th dimensional" effects. Matter would not be rotating, just the field and water molecules that got caught up in it.

I know Al Bielek, and he's never attempted to reproduce anything from the P.E.. In either case, his account of the ship going into and staying in "hyperspace" is a fiction. Curiously enough, the Carl Allen (Carlose Allende) version of the field becoming so dense that the entire ship teleported from Philadelphia to Norfolk and then back again, makes at least theoretical sense as such account seems to be describing the field acting like a giant electron and macroscopically quantum tun nelling. I wrote about this fact, after I had discussed it with a number of physicists, in the Spring 1993 issue of Unicus Magazine. You can read about an attempt to use this as a method for space travel at the following: http://www.americanantigravity.com/unitelnw.html . Stan Deyo (who in an early 1990s video described the 3 axis field configuration you mentioned), the Corums and myself are the only ones that I know of who have taken the time to reproduce anything from the P.E. story to prove its viability.

I believe that there are many interesting things that are just being discovered and are yet to be discovered by such persons as Hutchison and others, perhaps even yourself. I suppose we'll have to wait and see what happens next.

Best Regards,

Marshall Barnes
Re: Re: PX technical information? by Ed Scanlan · Mar 2, 04 - 7:30 PM


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