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Subject:   PX technical information? Part 2
Name:   Ed Scanlan
Date Posted:   Feb 24, 04 - 11:13 PM
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Email:   emscan81@aol.com
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Message:   But let's not forget what John Hutchison has discovered. His use of multiple RF pulsed sources and high voltage electric fields whose energetic pumping of objects display the instabilities that can occur when assymetry and uncontrolled conditions persist in an unusual space-time, EM-wave interaction. John's work finally confirmed for me that Marinov was correct, that Bielek may have been partially right, and the the US Navy's little experiment just went horribly wrong.

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Ed Scanlan
Re: PX technical information? by Golf Sierra · Feb 29, 04 - 12:40 PM
Re: Re: PX technical information? by Ed Scanlan · Mar 2, 04 - 7:30 PM


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