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Subject:   PX technical information?
Name:   Ed Scanlan
Date Posted:   Feb 24, 04 - 11:11 PM
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Email:   emscan81@aol.com
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Message:   Dear Mr. Marshall Barnes,

I'm an alternative science enthusiast that has always been fascinated with the Moore account of the PX. I was wondering, what type of technical information have you dug up? I have a theory that Tesla's Resonant Transformer (the Tesla Coil) and his two phase A/C motor (the stator component) were combined into one, giant and specifically phased signal array that pumped massive amounts of electrons out of the ship and her crew.

Two coils were probably draped cross wise, at a 90 degree angle, from the bow to the stern with one, and to starboard and port as well. Then another coil was likely wrapped around the ship. Yes I know this sounds like a Delt T antenna. I'll get into why in just a second.

First I have to say that I have heard simple rumors that the PX initially wanted to repell tornadoes with EM fields, at a distance. This would have been done with an A/C field to create eddy currents, and a static magnetic field to form a field from which the A/C eddy current stimulated metal would repell.

But onto something more plausible: the radar hypothesis. James and Keith Corum propose that a high frequency rotating EM field (like in two phase A/C motors but much higher in frequency) was one device Einstein wished to construct to test his unified field theory. There is something called the Torsion Tensor, but I'm not sure what that exactly is or what is has to do with Unified Field Theories. That's something to put on my research to-do list. Anyways! What a rotating magnetic field could do is rapidly rotate nuclei like an A/C motor's rotor and alter with induced eddy-type currents in the electron orbitals. My problem with this theory that bares some testing out is the idea that all materials have different magnetic and electrical properties that would make it interesting to manipulate matter like this with electromagnetic fields. As matter increases in rotation it theoretically increases in mass, but also draggs time with it in a circle. From Einstein's theories, scientists have calculated this interesting possibility. In this situation, called a closed time-like loop, things can move through time. This may occur in any direction starting from when the loop was created to any point in the future and back to any point in the past only so far as when the loop was first created, no further. So when photons strike matter involved in such a field, they get caught up in these time loops around the craft and can be released at any point in time. This includes the instant in which they encountered the field's matter, making a near flawless 4th dimensional lens which distorts local space into "flatness" rather than full of occupancies (i.e. the matter in the field). This would act much like electromagnetically induced transparency except it would work for many, many frequencies, not just one. Light hits the electron orbitals in the matter in the field, they pass it along as a backwards in time travel photon out at the other end, so it travels and "looks" the same as it did when it first encountered the energetically pumped matter.

Teleportation could occur due to the uneven field shape presented by the assymetrical ship. The ship was probably made of ferrous steel, making it particularly vulnerable to both induced high frequency eddy currents and a static magnetic field.

If I were to make a "time portal" I'd do a few things differently than the PX crew. First, I would use continuous waves in my two phase A/C motor stator coil, not the cheap but easier pulsed way, as in Tesla Coils. Second, I would use four coils in helmholtz style in the shape of a cross for my stator coils. This allows electrons to escape and to prevent thermal heating (I'd hope). Thirdly, I'd make the chasis the time portal sat in disc shaped. This would reflect and focus the field of the stator coils like parabolic disc's due for satellite TV's and space telescopes. In other words, the field coils would sit inside a resonant chamber! I'd also probably make the chassis out of a good conductor like Aluminum, which is not ferrous, and a Brass alloy, which has nuclei with an odd number of nucleons in them (look up Henry Wallace's patents for pertinent information on that).

Of course, the basic arrangement I'm discussing here is taken from Stefan Marinov's work. He never suggested a resonant chamber for the A/C waves, but George Bugh did. He meant to use it to recycle photons in a motor arrangement to generate power, see his book "Spin Waves: an Initial Release." I put the peices together and was more certain of the design characteristics that they likely used once I read the Corum work, though (it is titled Tesla's Egg of Columbus, the Torsion Tensor, and the Philadelphia Experiment).

But let's not forget what John Hutchison has discovered. His use of multiple RF pulsed sources and high voltage electric fields whose energetic pumping
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