West-Islip Investigation

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Results of the investigation by our contact person in West Islip concerning the Cameron/Arnold family

Our contact person, let's call him Al, found the so-called 'Big House' in West Islip. He managed to make some photos of the building, which we show on our web site. We needed those photos to prove that Al was observing the correct place and was asking the pertinent questions. The original message text of the replies is displayed on this web page. The email addresses have been masked intentionally.

Replies of our contact person 'Al' of West Islip, NY, dated January 26 and February 2, 2001 concerning the 'Cameron Estate"

The place exists and is now called Arnold Manor. The address is 1001 Montauk Highway, Arnold Manor, West Islip, NY. A woman confirmed that this was the home of the Arnold family in the 30ties, she remembered Annie Arnold (Al Bielek's "Aunt Arnold") but could not confirm any boys living there at that time.

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I have some good news.
I located Big House today. In fact I went to it. It is a mansion located in
West Islip.
The property has been converted into condo's. The Big House still remains,
and is now called Arnold Manor.
I went to the front door, because I saw some cars in the parking lot, but
nobody answered the door. I will try again.
I spoke with the people from the Bay shore historical society. They are in
the process of moving, and won't be opening till march. I did however get
the name of a woman from another agency, who might be helpful. I will call
her now.
I hope I can help you with whatever information I can find.

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Yes that is the house that I went to.
It is now called Arnold Manor.
I called the Sagtikos Historical society, and spoke with a woman named
Nancy Donahue. (631)-661-8348
She is involved with the Sagtikos Manor, but knew a bit about the Arnold
Manor. This is what she told me:
First off, in the 1700's and 1800's most of the homes located on route
27A were mansions for the very rich. Sagtikos Manor which is in West
Bay Shore was an Inn that George Washington stayed at in the late
It is located about 1 mile east of Arnold Manor.
Here's what she told me about the Arnold estate.
She remembers Annie Arnold.
She did not however remember the boys.
The property just south of the Manor is called Pace Landing. According
to Ms. Donahue, it too at one time belonged to the Arnold estate.
She told me that Annie Arnold was looked upon as "new money."
I guess the people were a bunch of snobs back then.

Tell me, are you related to the boys?
I could call every Cameron in the phone book for you if you want.
If I do call, who do I say is asking about them?
Give me some more information and I will, as always do my best to help
Hope some of this information helps.

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