Edinburgh Investigation

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Results of the investigation on Al Bielek's claims of his brother's study time at Edinburgh

Bielek claimed that his "brother" Alexander Duncan Cameron went to the University of Edinborough, Scotland, and obtained a Ph.D. in Physics in the summer of 1939. There is only one University that fits this description and that is the old University of Edinburgh, which sometimes is called the University of Edinborough. Edinborough is the old name for Edinburgh and this is in Scotland. Another University of Edinborough is located in Pennsylvania, USA. The original message text of the reply is displayed on this web page. The email addresses and IP numbers of the institutes intentionally have not been erased to allow the verification of the authenticity. The sender address has been screened.

Reply of Mrs. Irene Ferguson, Archivist of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, dated January 29, 2001

No person with the name Alexander Duncan Cameron could be located among the university's graduates. This proves Bielek's claim concerning the graduation of his brother Alexander Duncan Cameron as unsubstantiated and untrue.

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Further to your enquiry regarding the above.

I did not find him in our graduate listings.

Irene Ferguson

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