Final briefing inside the USS Eldridge

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Results of the investigation on the photo "Final briefing inside the USS Eldridge August 9, 1943" of

On the web page of Al Bielek, there is a photo shown of the allegedly test crew of the Philadelphia Experiment. According to Al Bielek, this photo was taken inside the Destroyer Escort USS Eldridge (DE 173) on August 9, 1943. We have sent this photo to some Destroyer Escort Veterans as well as to the people of the museum ship USS Slater. The DE 766 USS Slater is of the same type as the USS Eldridge was, a Destroyer Escort of the Cannon Class.
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Reply of Mr. Tim Rizzuto of the museum ship USS Slater, Albany, dated April 14, 2001 concerning the photo "Final Briefing"

The photo definitely was never taken onboard of a Cannon Class Destroyer Escort. Mr. Rizzuto went through the ship with a copy of that photo in his hands and couldn't find a room, that matches even roughly.

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Here's the facts from the ONE WHO KNOWS! Our fearless ship restorer, Tim
Rizzuto! When he speaks we listen!

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No way was it taken on a DE. There is no space that big. I'd guess it's on
a carrier or cruiser because of the size of the space and the false bulkhead
particians. My guess is that it was taken in the sixties based on the
fluorescent lights (modern) in the overhead, but the old RBO radio on the
shelf in the bulkhead. It appears to be a messing or lounge space. Note
that it is also a battle dressing station because the mounting brackets for
surgical lights are in the overhead. The age range of the men makes me
sixties also. Definitely not a DE. I'd pass it on to someone familiar with
carriers or cruisers to see if they can ID the space. Tim


Reply of Mr. Hal Loving, a US Navy Vet and former crew member of the DE 167 USS ACREE dated March 16, 2001 concerning The photo "Final Briefing"

The photo definitely was never taken onboard of a Cannon Class Destroyer Escort. Mr. Loving stated, that even the mess hall of a Cannon Class Destroyer Escort was not that big.

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Gerold, sorry to be so long in getting an answer back to you. Here is Dad's
answer to you:

This picture is not from a DE. Do you know that a DE is only 37 1/2 feet
wide (beam) and 300 feet long. We ate at tables running fore to aft and set
on narrow benches. Our 'mess' hall was so small we ate by sections with
first call to mess going to 'watch' - that is, personnel going on duty.
Your photo looks like civvies (civilians) - note the ties and some regular
bow ties.
Say, what are you looking for in DE's? What do you now have? Give me a bit
of history on yourself and what you are seeking. Maybe I can point you in
the right direction if I don't have the information. Okay?

P.S. DE officers never had a meeting where the crew could sneak a listen!
They clustered in the officers ward room!

Take care .... Hal

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Subject: DE Mess Hall ?

> Hi Hal and Donna,
> I would like to show a picture to you, which I found on the internet.
> Does this show a mess hall or briefing room onboard of a Destroyer
> Escort Cannon Class ? Hal, would you have a sharp look at it ?
> Thank you very much.
> Best regards,
> Gerold
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