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Wingmakers Update--Music

Several CAUS members have noticed when perusing the WingMakers site and listening to the music on the Real Audio player, that the name Mark Hempel comes under "music copyright". Mark Hempel is the webmaster of Wingmakers.

CAUS webmaster Mark Williams appears to have tracked down the origins of the music as stated in his e-mail to CAUS:

I find it a bit suspicious (after having listened to the music at wingmakers) that a "Mark Hempel" is not only the webmaster of, but a guy by the same name is a musician on a CD from (I gather) a group called Soulfood, with the title "Breathe"

The web page about it, below, shows native glyphs, on the CD jacket, by coincidence. The CD jacket even has a very similar earthy rock texture as on the web site backgrounds...

And the music sample (at the above link) is quite similar in many ways (including the vocals, the tonal quality, the bird sounds, etc.) to what's on the wingmakers site.

Here's a quote from the above Soulfood CD site: "Rediscovering Indigenous philosophies allows people of the West to expand their cultural knowledge, to grow spiritually and change beliefs on consciousness and the role humans play on this planet."

"The "webmaster" Hempel may be using the old "hey, I'm just an innocent party asking for help" trick so that he isn't technically spamming the newsgroups with promotion of the site. It is suspicious that he mentions that the music for the web site was given to him a CD (the total time of the clips is about one hour). Perhaps it is going to be marketed on the site.

CAUS thanks Mark Williams and all its members who have so graciously e-mailed comments. CAUS will print some of the comments starting Monday. The above revelation concerning the WingMakers' webmaster, is somewhat inconsistent with his prior statement CAUS posted earlier, let alone the allegation that the music was created by time travelers.

Though it appears that WingMakers is probably an elaborate marketing ploy, the creativity, imagination, and style are worth applauding. The bottom line seems to be how each person reacts to the information contained on the website on a subjective and emotional level.


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