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Wingmakers--The Plot Thickens--Webmaster Speaks

The following e-mail is from the webmaster of the Wingmakers' ( website. It is as provocative as the nature and substance of the website. CAUS is interested in your comments concerning both this posting and the website. Particularly I would like to hear the opinions of artists concerning the art, musicians concerning the music and channelers concerning the philosophy.

Is there anything in the music, art or philosophy that is inconsistent with what can be produced in the 21st century? Does any of it have the feel of the future? Or is just a fascinating hoax? The plot thickens.

Please remember to use your ability of discernment. And now for something completely intriguing:

From the Webmaster of Wingmakers:

I'm trying to find people who know how to sniff-out hoaxes related to UFOs and things that go bump in the night. (If this doesn't apply to you, please feel free to forward my email to someone you think is.)

Several months ago I was contacted to set-up and maintain a web site for a person who represented herself as the founding member of art collective from Norway. In the last two weeks there have been many unusual events to where I think there's more going on than what I was initially told. Here're the facts as I know them.

A woman called me and inquired if I would secure a certain URL for her and register it in my own name. She also wanted me to register some copyright information (only on the Real Audio player) in my name. I was told I'd get the complete site FTP'd to my server as soon as I had the URL and host environment ready to go. She called me from NYC and had gotten my name from a mutual friend - though she never said who that mutual friend was (and I didn't think to ask at the time).

She explained that the site she was going to send me had been developed by an art collective based in Norway as a means to experiment in something she called synesthesia (sp?) or something like that. When I asked her what she meant by that, she told me it had to do with modifying the eye-brain system that was too dominant in present-day humans, and get people to think/perceive more holistically. I've taken college physics, so I'm no dummy, but this woman sounded a lot more like a quantum physicist than an artist, at least to me.

Any rate the conversation was kind of weird, but she offered to pay all my expenses and initial consulting invoices for 60-days in advance. So I waited to see if a check appeared before I wrote her off as some weirdo. The next day I received a federal express package from NYC with my payment in cash. The following day she called me again to make sure I had gotten the money and provided me with an email address ( She told me that she wanted to wait until I had secured the url and host environment before she sent me the site.

About 6 weeks later (approximately 4 weeks ago) I sent her an email telling her that I had the url and host all set to go. That same day she FTP'd the site to me and I looked at it briefly and thought it looked like an experimental art site. I didn't really take the time to read the text portions. I just skimmed the story and looked at some of the art (extremely unusual), and uploaded it to 9netave (the web host I use).

About 2 weeks ago I sent her an email and it was returned undeliverable, and when I opened it up, my virus protection dialogue box opened up immediately and shut my system down. I re-booted and the email could not be re-opened. I tried to send her another email, and the same thing happened. So I had a friend of mine who's more of a hacker than I look at the email at its "molecular" level, and he said there was a patch of observation code attached more sophisticated than he had ever seen before.

The next day, I got an email identified as simply Anne (this was the name the artist used when I spoke with her on the phone - as I recall her last name was Anderson). The address was now She said in her email that she was going to FTP me some updates to the site and that I should get these within the next day or so. I sent her a response and told her about my experience with her last email address, and I never heard anything back. I assumed my message got through.

When the updates arrived on my FTP server I opened them up but they turned out to be dead files with one exception (I haven't uploaded it to the site yet). I emailed her back to tell her about the technical problems, and the very same thing happened again... my email was returned undeliverable and my virus protection kicked-in and shut my system down. However, the second time it happened it didn't happen immediately like it did the first. It took about 6-8 seconds or so before it shut down.

About a week ago I began getting emails from people who were seeing the site. Since I'm listed as the site's administer through Internic, a few savvy netizens found me. I told those who were emailing me that I was simply a site administer and really knew nothing about the site. However, two emails came in that I couldn't trace. No IP trail at all. The content of those emails is very intimidating. And the two messages were identical. Here's what they said (cut and pasted verbatim):

"You will be contacted in person should you maintain this site on the Internet. The contents of this site were unlawfully obtained and your association will be troublesome should you continue to administer this site. Please cease and desist immediately."

There was no signature.

That's when I began feeling out of my league. I had my hacker friend look at the email, and he couldn't find any tracer code... something he said only intelligence agencies have or class A hackers. Any rate, after that experience I went through every word and nuance of that site, particularly the interview transcripts and ACIO memos.

I just didn't do anything for a few days. Any time the phone rang or my email bleeped at me, I got instantly paranoid. But nothing's happened since I got the 2 emails. No one to my knowledge has made any effort to visit me or contact me in any way. I've had numerous thoughts about shutting the site down, but each time I think that if it was such a bad thing someone would have visited me by now.

Starting Friday of last week, I began a systematic inquiry on the web to find people who could look at the site and tell me if there's anything there that I should be alarmed by. I posted at various newsgroups. I've sought out scientists and people with experience in the intelligence community. Many people have stepped forward just in the past two days. It's really quite remarkable. People are just starting to look at it, but a few have told me that the writings are very believable, but impossible to authenticate.

One person who is a retired anthropologist said the glyphs are almost entirely unusual. He'd never seen them before, particularly with such intricate nuance. He thought the paintings could be real, but he couldn't say. And then there was a guy who sent me an email and told me to immediately get rid of the site... that I was somehow involved with the "secret government and illuminati (?)" and he didn't want anything to do with me (I was supposed to destroy his email immediately).

All I know is the site purports to be a representation of the contents from a time capsule. I initially thought the content supposedly stemmed from an ET race, but when I read all of the writings on the site, it's actually supposed to represent a time-shifted human faction or sect that call themselves WingMakers who live in the 28th century (yes, I know this sounds like science fiction). Whoever created the content went to a lot of work. There's several hundred pages of philosophy, glossaries, poetry, paintings, music (which is awesome), interview transcripts, and glyphs everywhere. And no one wants to take credit for the content, which is what seems so odd.

To me, the time capsule's content is pretty benign though extremely interesting. I can believe it was done by an art cooperative. However, the interview transcripts, ACIO memos, and philosophy papers talk about some pretty deep and wild stuff - the kind of stuff this Anne talked to me about on the phone that first day. I know she was planning to send me more material. I also know she said she would pay me whatever I thought I needed to maintain the site. So I guess I'm just going to see what happens.

I'd be curious to know what you think. I assume you've seen hoaxes before similar to this, and I guess I'd just like to know if I should shut the site down and totally get uninvolved, or stick to my agreement with the client "Anne". I did make a CD of the music from the 24-bit files they sent me. That's my favorite part of the whole thing. You should hear the quality of the sound. It's unbelievable. It's the one part that makes me think there may be some truth to the whole thing. The writings themselves go over my head.

You can find the site at

Thanks in advance for your help.

Well there you have it folks. Something to look at and think about over this weekend as we contemplate what, if anything, will happen on December 7th. Have a special Saturday and of the skies!


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