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Schrift mit festem Zeichenabstand - Proportionalschrift
Von: Mark Hempel - Profil anzeigen
Datum: Di 24 Nov. 1998 00:00
E-Mail: "Mark Hempel" <>

Anyone interested in making a film for the net? I have all the content. I
created the site to be the blueprint for a film or TV series. It's taken 3
years to produce all of the content. I created everything you'll see on the
site. It's completed integrated. I call this Immersive Multimedia Art Forms
(IMAF). IMAFs are experimental, but very powerful ways to experience art.
They're ideal -- in my opinon -- for conversion into film. Only about 60% of
the total content for this site is posted, but you'll see how extensive it
is. It takes most people 10-12 hours to complete the site if they read/view
and consider every page. You're invited. This is one of the only IMAFs on
the web I know about. If you know of others, please let me know.


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