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Al Bielek's Advocates - E-commerce and ignorance

Ken Adachi

by Golf Sierra

Ken Adachi was mentioned already several times before, first on this page by Michael Relfe, when he said this: "The givaway is your attack on Ken Adachi. I know Ken Adachi personally. I feel fortunate to have met him after publishing The Mars Records. He is a true freedom fighter, one of the few who do it to help others and not for money gain. It is said that the greatness of a man can be measured by the greatness of his enemies. Ken Adachi has some BIG guns that would like to silence him. Your attacks on Ken aren't even a dust speck on a gnat's ass."

That much to Michael Relfe's opinion about Ken Adachi. I am somewhat experienced concerning Ken Adachi, too. But before I come to this, I would like to paint a picture about Adachi as well:

Ken Adachi is a Canadian fellow and started working long time ago as an journalist at the Toronto Star. He published at least one book (Ken Adachi - The Enemy That Never Was: A History of the Japanese Canadians - 1976) and owns a large web site at http://educate-yourself.org/. Pretending to provide 'education', Adachi's web site actually promotes weird conspiracy-stream content like other certain web sites, too. Adachi's 'enlightment' ranges from the truth about the purpose of vaccine (surreptitious population reduction agenda run by the Illuminati, facism in the USA and concentration camps), the real background of the New World Order (NWO) (see http://www.apfn.net/messageboard/12-14-02/discussion.cgi.8.shtml and http://100777.com/taxonomy/page/or/14), chemtrails (http://educate-yourself.org/ct/) and of course several pages about Al Bielek and the other allegedly survivors/participants of the Montauk Project (http://educate-yourself.org/ab/, http://educate-yourself.org/products/pslastlecturedescrip.shtml, http://educate-yourself.org/mc/). Obviously driven by a mild paranoia, Adachi even talks about aliens working hand in hand with the Illuminati in order to support the NWO, using Cell Phone technology to achieve mind control: http://www.detailshere.com/elftowers.htm :

"If you've been looking into the NWO takeover story for any amount of time, you may know by now that negatively orientated aliens, especially the negative Reptillians and negative Sirius B aliens, are the hidden controllers behind the Illuminated humans pushing for the NWO enslavement/genocide agenda."

Going into detail of all that stuff that Ken Adachi provides on his website with the intend of 'education' would exceed any reasonable amount of web space here on this site. Just to show how Adachi was recognized as crook by other openminded fellows, I'm presenting some statements here:

From a message board at http://chem11.proboards2.com/index.cgi?board=Fight&action=display&num=1052785783 about chemtrails and referring to an article by Adachi, http://educate-yourself.org/cn/wakinguptoctdisinfo09may03.shtml:

"You want to talk about biological spraying? The people that wrote that report have gone out of their way to document those programs. If you were:
A. interesteded in doing a little reading and looking up this research and
B. were capable of comprehending said research.
you might come to the conclusion (like anyone 'educated' on the subject has) that your defamtory comments attain the very pinnacle of absurdity.
So, what's the deal? Is Adachi functionally illiterate? Holding some sort of personal grudge?
Well, I'll ya'... There was a guy floating around these boards some time back that used to accuse these very same researchers of the very same thing Adachi does. Turned out this guy had a very *interesting* relationship with a certain USAF Intel Ofc. (who still likes to to try and stir up trouble by any means neccesary).
Am I saying Adachi is on the payroll, too?
No. Given that I have zero evidence of such, that would be as irresponsible and loathsome as insinuating that the researchers invloved with COA are 'mind control' victims.
What I am saying is that if Adachi isn't gettting paid for his work, he oughta be. He's doing *exactly* the same thing that the few confirmed disinformation artists have been doing to the few confirmed legitmate researchers since Day One: attempting to discredit them using blatant falslehoods and smear campaigns (and offering absolutely nothing in return).
Nothing new there, I suppose. But if your still waddling around out there, 'quakker, thanks for the laughs (and all the hard work).

Ken, thanks for 'nothing'.

Here's another one:

"The editor of this website is a man by the name of Ken Adachi. Unfortunately for those who believe what they read on his website, Mr. Adachi is as ignorant as the day is long.....And his website is just chock full of disinformation, as well as New Age gobbledegook, about 'space brothers' cults and the like. Adachi is also a staunch supporter of retired Senior Special-Agent-in-Charge Ted L. Gunderson."

And one more:

"Ken Adachi has a fine conspiracy page. He leaves no event unaccounted for as part of the plot to take over the world and hasten the Apocalypse. The Illuminati, however, is only one aspect of the occult cabal. He has transmogrified the New World Order into a cabal itself. According to Mr. Adachi an extremely powerful civilian dominated cabal, the New World Order, includes Majesty Twelve [MJ-12], The Illuminati, Order of the Quest, The Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, The Executive Committee of The Council on Foreign Relations, The PI-40 Committee, The Jason Group, The Club of Rome, The Group, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, The Open Friendly Secret Society, The Rosicrucians, The Brotherhood of the Dragon (or Snake), The Russell Trust, The Black Families (of Europe), Skull & Bones, the Scroll & Key, The Knights of Malta, the Illuminati arm of The Freemasons, and many, many other secretive groups.

What is most amusing about Mr. Adachi's page is that even though the end is near, he still asks us to please support his sponsor, an organization that can help with debt consolidation or a home loan. What is not so amusing is his identification of the Freemasons as a subversive cabal. This idea is popular among PCTs, especially with those on the religious right like Pat Robertson, who are also prone to be anti-Semitic.

And finally, Ken Adachi's web site made it into the Top 100 of the internet's worst pseudo-science web sites:

"These are sites where the idiocy is supported by an appeal to science. The madness of the Recovered Memory and Satanic Ritual Abuse campaigners is included here."

Beside his 'educational' web pages, he - like the Relfe's do - offers lots of gadgets, video and audio tapes including tapes about Al Bielek and Phil Schneider. One thing is different compared to the Relfe's web sites: Adachi is not really 'selling' his stuff, but asking for 'donations' and then sending the 'gifts' in exchange:

"The following products are offered as premium gifts in consideration of donations. The minimum donation requested is printed next to the premium gift item. Please note that in order to process a check or money order, you must indicate on your check or money order that you are making a donation. We are unable to accept checks or money orders which are not marked as donations. Donations are not refundable.

We are not engaged in commerce."

Of course not ?!

Nice trick not to pay any taxes for the money he makes, right (donations are tax-free) ?

And because the FDA had thrown an eye on colloidal silver in 2001 and "considered" it "a drug under their jurisdiction", Adachi was "forced to remove all health claims about colloidal silver. Regular visitors to this web site understand the game by now, I'm sure."
So Adachi plays games with the FDA in order to avoid a legal case filed against him for drug abuse but at the same time tries to sell items related to the production of colloidal silver ?

That much to Michael Relfe's description of Ken Adachi being "a true freedom fighter, one of the few who do it to help others and not for money gain." Of course not !

Now after I gave everybody an impression of the mindset of Ken Adachi and the content of his web site, I'd like to come back to what Michael Relfe described as my "attack on Ken Adachi". Adachi repeatedly wrote, that he had listened to Al Bielek and Steward Swerdlow and obviously, he sunbcribed to their claims without taking them with a grain of salt at all. Adachi even published an article in 2001 about future catastrophies taking place in 2003 (according to Swerdlow), which you can find here: http://www.ufoarea.com/nibiru_russia_2003.html

From this article:

"I heard a long talk by Al Bielek in February, 2001 in which he claims that he time travelled to the future and was told of massive and destructive events in the year 2003.

I heard a talk by Stewart Swerdlow in May of 2001 in which he said that the New World Order will kick into high gear in 2003 with massive earth changes, nuclear wars, devastating bio plagues, martial law, roundup and internment of millions of Americans, extermination camps, and attacks from canabalistic negative aliens."

Well, we are now in the middle of April 2004 and still alive ?! The claims made by Swerdlow are totally in line with Adachi's paranoia, that must be the reason why he quoted them in his article.

(Editors note: Another "End-of-the world" date is said to be the December 21, 2012, which is the last day of the Mayan calender. What a BS!)

(Note: Paranoia "Paranoid personality disorder is characterized by a distrust of others and a constant suspicion that people around you have sinister motives. People with this disorder tend to have excessive trust in their own knowledge and abilities and usually avoid close relationships with others. They search for hidden meanings in everything and read hostile intentions into the actions of others. They are quick to challenge the loyalties of friends and loved ones and often appear cold and distant to others. They usually shift blame to others and tend to carry long grudges.")

Additionally, Adachi has some pages about Al Bielek's claims on his web site (http://educate-yourself.org/ab/), on which he parrots Bielek's claims and presents them as facts. This was reason enough for me to write an email to Adachi in August 2002. The whole email conversation can be found here: http://educate-yourself.org/lte/lteanondebunkerofalbielek10aug02.shtml

I sent Adachi an email, after we had enough evidence found to be sure that Al Bielek's story about his involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment was totally made up by him and the other fellows (Nichols/Cameron). I made Adachi aware of the fact, that Bielek's claims had been proven as lies:

"You claim to run a webpage for educational purpose. Well, how much education is in parroting tales of a weird brain, without proving anything of what he tells people. Your site is not for education, its for disinfo only. Not only, that his complete US Navy biography is a fake, he used a fake bio of somebody else to show a non-existing career of his father (who ever this man was in reality). Beside his bedtime story, has ANYBODY else beside me checked the details of his story ? DID YOU CHECK ANYTHING before you posted it on the web? I doubt so. You are just parroting like 99 % of the rest on the web. THIS IS NO EDUCATION, its DISINFO. Learn the difference!

It still is Adachi who insists that his web site is for education, and therefore I had to challenge him because of those high standards. Adachi - not willing to even take my challenge into consideration - wrote back:

"For a guy who claims to know the real story, you don't offer much in the way of detail or evidence. If you're going to play critic of Al Bielek, you've got a WHOLE lot more evidence to present than the paltry, meaningless flatulence you offer here.

This went on back and forth some time, when finally Adachi wrote this:

If you have some form of substantial evidence or proof that Al Bielek is lying or promoting disinformation, then I would like to hear what you have to say. However, if you are merely an armchair critic who simply has made up his mind that Al Bielek has a 'weird brain' (according to you), and that you are unwilling to believe his story, then you should make that clear. On the other hand, if you are a bonafide researcher and have EVIDENCE, as you have ALLUDED to in your first E mail, then you need to PRESENT YOUR EVIDENCE. Anything else, qualifies you as a bonafide Gas Bag, the GB to which I alluded to in my first response to you. Your turn.

This was still happening in August 2002, and our web site project bielek-debunked.com wasn't ready to be launched then. However, Adachi asked for evidence to prove Bielek a liar, and we launched bielek-debunked.com in June 2003. After making the evidence available for everybody to see to verify, I again wrote to Adachi, making him aware of our web site project:

From - Sun Jun 29 12:51:38 2003
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To: Editor@educate-yourself.org
Subject: Anonymous Debunker of Al Bielek Launches Gas Attack
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Hi Ken,

you might be surprised, but I'm back.

You might remember (our email conversation is still preserved on the 'Letters' section of your web site, look for 'Anonymous Debunker of Al Bielek Launches Gas Attack' dated August 10, 2002 - btw: the title shows your cynical way how you deal with people who are not in line with your opinion. A Gas attack is something insidious, an anybody who reads my emails can confirm, that I was just asking you for proof of what you have posted on your web site, and you couldn't - of course !) my critical comments on your way of parroting Al Bielek's claims without even taking the slightest attempts of verifying what you then present on your 'educational' web site.

I asked you about any proof shown by Bielek to support his story, and you countered with the statement, that I hadn't proof to debunk Bielek's claims, despite Bielek never showed proof to support HIS version either. Well, in 2002 I still was in the middle of a long-term investigation, conducted by a small group of serious people not taking every story published by the media for real.

Our small group found enough evidence through the past years to dismantle Bielek's story about the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project, because we took away the basis of all his claims - Bielek's allegedly former life as one 'Edward Cameron' and the existence of his father. This person who Bielek presented as his allegedly father 'Alexander Duncan Cameron' is nothing but a hoax, made of the biographical data of a real existing person, who never was involved in the PX and the MP. With other words: Bielek stole the biographical data of another person and presented this person (including some photographs) as his father. Consequently, his allegedly life as the son of a non-existing person is a fake, too.

All the proof can be found here:



Do you dare to publish this email on your web site or are you going to suppress real evidence like the US government is doing year after year ?

You know, I sent an email to your email account about a week ago with an announcement of this new bielek-debunked web site, and never saw any response from your side, despite the news and facts of the bielek-debunked web site should have made you interested enough to react. But I assume by now, that what our group of investigators is presenting as verifiable facts is way too hot for you to handle and on the other side would force you personally to admit, that you've posted blatant lies on your web site for years - which of course is hard to admit.

Ken, can YOU stand the truth??

Gerold M. Schelm


Guess what ? Adachi completely refused to answer my email. I somewhat expected him to be that ignorant. At the time we launched bielek-debunked.com, we sent out an official press release about the new web site and the purpose of it, and it was sent to educate-yourself.org, too.

Adachi's reaction was to put a an paragraph on his Bielek page stating that "a new campaign to debunk Al Bielek got kicked off on the internet somewhere in late Spring of this year" and that the main aim of this campaign was a "discrediting effort" pointed towards Al Bielek and that it "has been launched to discredit the Philadelphia Experiment story" which it totally bogus, because bielek-debunked.com isn't denying the Philadelphia Experiment at all, but we proved that Al Bielek's claims are untrue and that he and the other 'survivors' never participated in the PX nor in the Montauk Project. This can still be found on Ken Adachi's web site:

"The 2003 Al Bielek Debunking Campaign
July 22, 2003. A new campaign to debunk Al Bielek got kicked off on the internet somewhere in late Spring of this year. I've been sent e-mails by two relatively unknown individuals who are anxious to have me review their debunking allegations against Al. I haven't responded to them yet, but a third individual said to be associated with this current debunking effort is better known; his name is Marshall Barnes. Barnes has previously spoken supportively of the Philadelphia Experiment (and Al Bielek) on the radio, so one has to wonder what's going on there. This is not the first time a campaign has been launched to discredit the Philadelphia Experiment story. The late Jacques Vallee attempted to do just that in 1994 with an article titled: Anatomy of a Hoax: The Philadelphia Experiment 50 Years Later which appeared in the Journal of Scientific Exploration. I guess it might have held sway at least with the casual reader, had it not been thoroughly demolished and shown to be a disinfo piece in an article titled: Debunking The Philadelphia Experiment Debunkers which appeared on December 6, 2001 at www.rense.com. One has to wonder if Al's unexpected sleuthing and resultant discovery of the HIDDEN FILES embedded within the CDs mentioned above could have had anything to do with this latest discrediting effort, or if Al's more recent radio interviews discussing information about worldwide electronic mind control using microwave "cell phone" towers has anything to do with it. Regardless of the reason, Al says that one doesn't have to scratch very deep beneath the surface to find the hidden hand of Naval Intelligence at work when it comes to undermining his credibility or the reality of the entire Philadelphia Experiment saga."

Those "two relatively unknown individuals" were Fred Houpt and me, trying to make our point. And, we were not "anxious" to have Adachi reviewing our material, but we challenged him to learn the truth about Bielek and to take the consequences - which he up to now refused to do. This was the best example of Adachi's ignorance yet.

Adachi further parroted a claim of Al Bielek here, which Bielek made during the infamous C2C radio show with George Noory: That our group of debunkers is working for the US Navy (see "Al Bielek on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory" for details).

One more thing to mention: Adachi was repeating here (and still is claiming here), that on the CDs sold by Michael Houtzager there were some hidden files which "will allow access to your computer from -shall we say-undesired intruders from the world of covert surveillance."

Houtzager stated, that he knows how to do interviews and that he has no clue how to develop such 'hidden files' at all, and to me, this whole rumor was created either by Michael Relfe (according to his own words "a person with over 20 years in the IT business, I only provided help as it related to computers, web, CD, etc." which would perfectly match here and would most likely enable Relfe to launch this subversive attack on Houtzager to discredit him and make people buy Bielek's CDs from Relfe's web site instead) or it was set up by Larry James, another person very loyal to Al Bielek, for the same reason.

I wrote him an email for a second time, and again it was completely ignored by Adachi:

"Hi Ken,
Yes, it's me and I'm back with evidence against Al Bielek's claims. On 9 August, 2002, you posted this:
"For a guy who claims to know the real story, you don't offer much in the way of detail or evidence. If you're going to play critic of Al Bielek, you've got a WHOLE lot more evidence to present than the paltry, meaningless flatulence you offer here."
In fact, I already forwarded an official press release to you, stating the results of a five-year investigation into Bielek's allegedly involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment. I expected, that you would react somehow to it. Instead you choose to ignore it, or - talking about the 'educational' claims of your web site - you surpressed it in total. Do you always just drop what is not in line with your point of view, or can't you just stand when something (or somebody) you believed in is 'dismantled' piece by piece. I understood, that Bielek with his tales of his allegedly PX and Montauk Project involvement is something, many people like to believe in, but what about the facts that are presented on the web site

http://www.bielek-debunked.com ?

When you accused me of 'launching a gas attack' against Bielek in August 2002, I stressed the fact, that neither Bielek himself nor anybody else ever produced any evidence to support Bielek's story. You countered, that I didn't have any evidence against Bielek's claims either. Now, that changed about two weeks ago, when I sent you the press release - and you didn't dare to put this peace of solid information on your web site - you just surpressed it.
Again, Ken, can't you stand the truth?? Up to now, you are telling the people your kind of education, which obviously is lacking of objectiveness, but full of half-lies and manipulated information. This is the chance to make a break, to perform real education, means that people could learn something really valuable from your web site.
Think about it and please, don't just drop my email again. That only looks cowardly. Put it on your main page instead.
Gerold M. Schelm"

This concludes the final chapter of bielek-debunked.com. Hope you all learned a lot about the real background of Al Bielek's claims and that his story is promoted by several groups for two main reasons:

Ignorance and commercial interests.

If you like to exchange your thoughts about what you just read here, please feel free to do so:

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Al Bielek's address and phone:

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Note: Afred Bielek past away in October 2011. RIP.

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